You can install visions from source and from pip


Installing with pip:

pip install visions[all]

By default, visions installs the complete set of dependencies, including for specialized types such as images and geodata. This is great for experimenting, however once you have settled on a set of types, it is recommended to slim down the dependencies. It is possible to obtain a more lightweight installation by installing only the specific dependencies you really need:

  • type_geometry for Geometry

  • type_image_path for Image

# Minimal example: only install the default types
pip install visions

# Default and geometry dependencies
pip install visions[type_geometry]

# Multiple dependency sets
pip install visions[type_geometry,type_image_path]

For additional dependencies (plotting, development, testing), please read the contribution page.


To install visions from source, clone the repository from github:

git clone
cd package
python install .


The requirements are listed in and the files requirements.txt, requirements_dev.txt and requirements_test.txt.